Hay Makers are sponsoring this event by Simon Schama in the Hay Literary Festival.

Looking forward  to our sponsored event in the Hay Festival on Monday

Simon Schama



Monday 28 May 2018, 5.30pm Venue: Tata Tent

The historian celebrates the formative role art and creativity have played in the forging of humanity itself across empires, cultures and time. In an age of profound hostility and manipulation, he proposes that artistic imagination is our best hope for empathy and understanding, as it has always been. Chaired by Stig Abell, edtor of the TLS.

The landmark BBC series 'Civilisations' is available on iPlayer. The Lecture is given in the names of Norman Florence and Rhoda Lewis, who wrangled the Hay Festival into being.

Price: £8.00


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Dawn Cripps
Horses in Art reimagined at Watts Gallery

One of the Hay Makers - Victoria Keeble is one of the exhibitors at the Horses in Art reimagined at Watts Gallery in Compton Surrey.

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Inspired by the power of the horse's form, its strength and speed, and its relationship with people, artists have for centuries depicted horses as companions, prize-winners, entertainers and workers. The pictures and sculptures, however, almost always show horses and humans as equals in their task or status – neither dominates, but they rely on each other, respecting each other's strengths. This kinship is what the best artists of horses manage to convey. Notoriously difficult to draw (notice how many artists avoid horses!), horses have inspired countless artists – from the earliest cave art, through ancient Egyptian and Greek art, through the Renaissance, the Baroque (Rubens and Van Dyck), and the 18th century (Stubbs), Impressionism (Degas), to the 20th century (Picasso, Elizabeth Frink), to name just a very few.

Today's artists have many inspirations - and a high standard to follow – and a tough challenge in reimagining equestrian art for the 21st century. The artists selected for this curated exhibition have certainly achieved this. 

Exhibition in collaboration with Gwen Hughes Fine Art.

Watts Contemporary exhibitions support local, new and emerging, as well as established artists and ensures that current artistic practice continues to thrive here at the Artists' Village as envisaged by our founders. 

Proceeds from the sale of work directly benefit Watts Gallery Trust's Art for All learning and outreach programme.




The Hay Makers New Website
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Welcome to our new website for the HayMakers Gallery. Many thanks to Mari Fforde for all her patience and invaluable work getting this website up and running.

We hope you will enjoy exploring on this site the work  of the six HayMakers. We celebrated in 2017 the HayMakers being open for 30 years.  Victoria Keeble and Pat Birks are two of the original members who set this gallery up in 1987 to showcase the work of local crafts people.

You will also find information about our visiting artists, those who are exhibiting permanently with us and those who are exhibiting in our five exhibitions through out the year.

We have an exciting mix of work, so we hope you will visit us in the Gallery. You will usually find one of the HayMakers in charge and sometimes see them at work! If it isn't one of us then it will be either Sophie or Kate, both of whom can answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to come in to browse and say hello. Look forward to seeing you.