Caitriona Cartwright

Caitriona Cartwright



My work comes out of a love for stone and letter forms.

The journey began with a History of Art Degree at Manchester University. I studied Medieval Art and Architecture and was captivated by the wonderful cathedrals of the 12th and 13th Century. I decided that I would rather repair them than study them, so I took a City andGuilds in Masonry at Weymouth College and went to work on the spire at Salisbury Cathedral.


I travelled the country on a fellowship with the Society of Ancient Buildings, whilst employed at Salisbury and this involved a placement with a lettercutter. He opened my eyes to the fantastic lettering found on 18th Century headstones and I began to notice lettering everywhere.



I eventually moved to the Welsh Borders and set up my own workshop, and have been inspired by its ancient churchyards, rocky mountainoutcrops and stone worn smooth by the river Wye.

I enjoy carving stone into organic shapes, such as shells and trees, make birdbaths and sundials etc but am increasingly drawn to stonein its natural form.


I search small, local quarries for interesting pieces of stone that will take letters, to form standing stones,natural bowls and benches as well as use old slate tiles and pebbles to make smaller pieces.

Finally I like to think that I carry on tradition and take great pleasure in the carving of headstones and nameplates.