Summer 2019

Visiting Artists Summer 2019

July 15th - September 15th

Kate Welton, Mugs, thrown stoneware with slip decoration.jpg

Kate Welton

Since graduating in 2015 with a 1st from the BA (Hons) Design Crafts course at De Montfort University, Kate moved back to her native Suffolk, set up her studio, and has since been developing her current ceramic work.

Kate’s collection of contemporary stoneware places an emphasis on simplicity of form; the soft profiles of the wheel-thrown pieces inviting interaction and use. Decorated in a muted colour palette to reflect her rural setting, the pots exude a sense of calm and earthy functionality.

Surface designs take inspiration from the simple beauty of old gardening tools gathered from her grandfather's shed. Drawing is integral to Kate’s practice, and she explores the tools through loose, abstract mark-making to develop a catalogue of designs. These are translated onto the surface of her pots using slips (liquid clay), and layers of colour are gradually built up; soft greens and blues intersperse with bolder yellows and greys. Crisp stencils and mono-prints contrast with fluid brushstrokes and sgraffito marks, adding depth and subtlety to the collection. 


Tony Mercer

Within weeks of starting to use the lathe, Tony found that he had a remarkable affinity with it. He enjoys the sheer bliss of watching a chunk of rough wood turning into something beautiful as the shavings slowly bury his feet....enjoys the smell of wood freshly cut into .....and enjoys the thrill of watching people pick up a piece that he has made, and watching them almost caress it because they, too, can sense the beauty of it. Tony was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners of the Worshipful Company of Turners of London in the summer of 2007. This gave him more satisfaction and more of a sense of fulfilment than all his academic qualifications put together....and he would love to see his old woodwork teacher's face!

Wren brooch - Helen Shere Design.jpg

helen shere

Helen's jewellery is inspired by illustration and is based on natural themes such as birds and trees, produced in a distinctively quirky style that is instantly recognisable.

After graduating from the University of Derby with a design degree in 2004, Helen knew that her real passion was to make jewellery, and set about learning how to do that. Today, working from her home studio in Nottingham, Helen creates her jewellery from cutting and stamping silver sheet and wire. The collections are mainly in silver, with accents of copper and brass for colour and texture. Helen uses detailed pattern effectively to draw on the surface of the silver, using techniques such as stamping and oxidising, creating an individual look and feel to the jewellery.


Goose jar photo.jpg

jo bosley

Jo works in stoneware clay decorated with slips, glazes and with a wood ash finish. The pottery is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with an emphasis on unique sculptural pieces for the garden.


ann donnelly

Ann Donnelly's kiln-fused glass designs are influenced by the wildlife in her garden. She makes free-standing glass bird sculptures which she mounts on locally sourced fruitwood branches or on blocks of English oak. In contrast, she also produces delicate, hand-finished gravity-drop vessels and creates multiple images 'painted' in fine glass powder, that are fused together to form a kiln-cast picture block.